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This is amazing Heather! I am so thankful and honored to know you! I think you are a beautifully talented person! I also think it is hilarious that your dishes end up on your porch!


I'm SO loving your blog, Heather, I have always been impressed by your willingness to dig in to tasks that seem Big and Scary. You are an inspiration, keep sharing that hope and optimism:)

nelle goodwin

Go get 'em Kiddo! I am having difficulty reconciling the fact that our Gov. may bring fracking to our state and that more deep sea well are planned off our coast. I have written my letters condemning these actions and are encourageing others to do so. At least I can voice my concerns about destroying what I believe is "Gods Earth" and we are just guests.

Heather Tiszai

That's great that you are voicing your concerns, Nelle. It is important to exercise our right to influence what happens in the world around us.

Heather Tiszai

Thanks Lisa, I'm glad to know that you are reading and appreciating my writing. It is good to feel the support of old friends.

Heather Tiszai

I'm glad that you can chuckle about dirty dishes on my porch, Candace. Thanks for all your help and encouragement on this path. I am also appreciative to have you in my community, so that I can be inspired by your creative insight and your bright spirit.

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